5 Reasons why should you purchase a motorcycle in Thailand?

5 Reasons why should you purchase a motorcycle in Thailand?
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Do you secretly yearn for a motorcycle, but never thought to actually get one because it’s “impractical” or “dangerous”? Sure, you could settle for driving your car to work every day, but where’s the fun in that? Read on for a couple more reasons why you should consider spicing up your life with a bike.

1. It will get you much further on less

Let’s start with something realistic. With a motorcycle, you could get way further on a gallon of gas than a car could. Even when driving at highway speed on a robust Harley, you can get away with more than 40 miles on a single gallon. With a smaller, lighter cruiser or a sports bike, you could hit close to 60 miles on the same amount of gas. You are sure to save lots of gas money in the long term with a motorcycle.

2. You can get out of your head

Chances are that if you’ve ever told your mother that you were thinking about getting a motorcycle, you proceeded to hear the word “dangerous” screamed into your ear more than a few times. Of course, anything comes with a degree of risk. Those of you who can barely steer clear of collisions in a car may not want to get a bike. That being said, you reach a certain level of concentrated calm on a motorbike. Your focus is on the road and the road only. You aren’t easily diverted by things around you that you would in a car. You are more likely to foresee accidents and be able to avoid them. Finally, you’ll get out of your head – the only thing you see will be the road in front of you.

3. You get into your head – in a different way

Who knows? A motorcycle may help you discover yourself in a whole new and better way. That is, if you don’t let the attention feed your ego. Riding a motorcycle gives you time to really get into your head in a different way. You will still be focused on the road, but your mind will be taking off subconsciously, allowing your creative and deeper self to rise to the surface. The hours will pass like minutes, and once you’ve reached your destination, you will probably feel renewed rather than exhausted. There’s nothing like feeling the air rushing past around your silhouette and realizing how much you love being alive.

4. You get brownie points for being cool

Let’s be honest – motorcycles are cool. Before you run out the door to pick up a motorcycle to show off to those high school bullies, remember that motorcycles are something you invest in. You may only manage to ride up and down your road for quite awhile before moving up the learning curve. It can be terrifying, and many people just end up with a really expensive garage decoration. If you are able to confront your fears, and even embrace them, you may end up with a new skill. Cruising down to the local middle school to pick up your baby girl has never looked cooler.

5. You and your bike are one

You may have scoffed over those people who are unnecessarily dramatic about their love for inanimate objects. Car owners, for example. They polish and purchase accessories, naming their cars and making sure it is checked on while they are on vacation. Motorcycle owners are no different, particularly if they spent a lot of time, money, or effort investing in their dream ride. Many take joy in customizing them, adding accessories and other things to really make it theirs. If their best friend asked to borrow it to impress a date, he is likely to get the stink eye and a firm veto. You may laugh, but they’ll be laughing at you once you’ve owned a motorcycle for a few years.

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