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Thailand Election: Latest poll results

Results update: Pheu Thai wins most MP seats

Updated poll results as of 11am this morning. The latest votes reveal some changes in the total seats each party has now won. There are also some changes to the wins of the small parties. Pheu Thai continues to pull ahead, Future Forward continues its very impressive showing as a brand new party and the Democrats, with their leader resigning last night at 9.50pm, are in tatters.

The Election Commission will continue counting the votes today from 2pm.

Currently 93 per cent of the votes have been counted and tallied.

Results update: Pheu Thai wins most MP seats
RESULTS: Election Commission

Here are the updated results of the top ten parties:

Party Constituency MPs Party-list MPs Total seats
Pheu Thai: 130 N/A 130
Phalang Pracharat: 103 18 121
Future Forward: 24 57 81
The Democrat: 29 21 50
Bhumjaithai: 36 14 50
Chartthai Pattana: 6 5 11
Seri Ruam Thai: N/A 10 10
Thai Friend: 1 4 5
New Economics: N/A 5 5
Puea Chat: N/A 5 5

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