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7 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Web Design in Thailand

Everyday thousands of business owners look for web design agencies to help build a website. Business owners understand the value of a website but most business owners don’t know where to begin. A quick Internet search and you’ll find plenty of options for web design in Thailand, but how do you know which companies can […] More

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How to Start a Blog (A Beginner’s Guide)

You’ve decided that you want to make a website, but you’re not really sure how to proceed? Generally, all peoples have a wish to make a blog, but very rare people are aware of the steps that can help them to make a website. So, understanding your problems and worries regarding making of a website, […] More

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Thailand talking “travel bubbles” with low-risk Covid-19 countries

Thailand is considering the idea of forming “travel bubbles” with countries that have demonstrated similar success in suppressing the Covid-19 virus. The announcement comes as a number of nations, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, China and New Zealand have expressed interest in forming a reciprocal travel pact with Thailand.

This would involve governments agreeing their citizens could travel back and forth between the countries within the “bubble”, without imposing conditions such as mandatory quarantine or self-isolation. The term “green lanes” has also been used.

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Understanding Travel Restrictions in Thailand and Across Asia

Most tourist hotspots in Asia and Southeast Asia still remain out of bounds to international flights as travel restrictions remain due to the covid-19 pandemic. However some countries including Thailand are now making arrangements to lift the travel restrictions.

The Foreign Ministry has informed Thailand’s foreign chambers of commerce that foreigners who have work permits or permission from Thai government agencies will soon be allowed to enter Thailand.

Foreigners with work permits will be allowed to return once the aviation rules change. Unfortunately spouses and families are not included in the stipulation.

Travel Restrictions in place for Asian countries


A ban on commercial international flights has been extended until end June. Nationals and foreigners with work permits can return on charter flights. But citizens need to provide certificates issued by Thai embassies, and foreigners are required to present a negative coronavirus test. There is a mandatory 14-day quarantine on arrival.

Thailand hopes to lift travel restrictions and reopen to limited international tourism later this year for “low-risk” countries including China and South Korea.


Borders are effectively closed except for returning citizens and residents, who are quarantined for 14 days. The two countries have talked about a possible “travel bubble” between them but New Zealand has said that is unlikely to happen while travel between Australian states remains restricted. A travel bubble may include Pacific Islands.


Citizens can return under their travel restrictions, but the entry of most foreigners is banned. Including those with valid visas and residence permits, remains suspended.

It has, however, signed a fast-track programme with South Korea and Singapore to allow essential business travel and is in talks with more countries to do so.

It has also allowed foreign executives and technical personnel from some other nations to enter on pre-approved charter flights, sometimes with reduced quarantine, to accelerate the resumption of business.


Borders are effectively closed as coronavirus cases have surged to over 267,000. India said this week it will take a call on resuming international flights as soon as countries ease restrictions on foreign nationals.


Citizens and long-term pass holders may enter, but must bring documents showing they are free of the coronavirus or undergo tests at the airport. The country is opening up domestic travel from Wednesday with safety and quarantine measures.


The country is considering an easing of travel curbs, although it is likely to require testing and the submission of a travel itinerary,Reuters reported. It is in talks with some countries to reopen borders, with business travellers and medical staff expected to be fast-tracked.


Borders remain effectively closed, but interstate travel will be allowed starting June 10. Returning Malaysians who test negative can self-isolate at home for 14 days starting Wednesday, instead of at a quarantine centre.


Singapore is allowing travellers to transit through its main airport, but borders remain effectively closed. It is in talks with some countries about reopening travel links, including Malaysia and New Zealand.


A few international flights continue to operate. All citizens and foreigners who enter are quarantined for two weeks. Diplomats or foreigners with official business status are exempted from mandatory quarantine but are tested on arrival.


Borders remain closed other than for citizens, foreigners with residence permits and a few other exceptions. Everyone coming in has to undergo a 14-day quarantine. The government said it will be cautious when looking at whether to ease border restrictions given the serious situation still in many countries.

A limited number of international flights continue to operate.


Borders remain closed except for citizens as well as foreign experts with valid work permits and negative coronavirus test certificates who are returning on charter flights. A 14-day quarantine upon arrival is mandatory.

The government on Tuesday said it was seeking to end travel restrictions and reinstate international flights. Only to countries that had been free of the virus for 30 days. Flights would resume these with limited frequency and priority given to foreign experts and investors.

Source: Chiang Rai Times

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Thailand to rebrand itself as “trusted” tourist destination

Thailand is positioning itself as a trusted destination for international tourists after travel restrictions ease, capitalising on its relative success in containing the coronavirus outbreak, industry officials say.

The Southeast Asian country, the first to report a virus case outside of China, wants to build on its reputation and remake its popular image as a destination for big tour groups.

“After COVID eases, we plan to refresh the country’s image to a trusted destination where tourists will have peace of mind,” Tanes Petsuwan, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) deputy governor for marketing and communications, told Reuters.

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