NattapHon Ice Cream (นัฐพร ไอศกรีม), Mon-Sat: 10.00 – 16.00 (4/20)

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Bangkok and my all-time favourite treats. Thai-style granitas and ice cream. Clockwise: coconut milk + durian, mango, and mine in the pink bowl of coconut granita with look chid, a type of candied palm seeds. Yummmmmmmm. Read Rattanakosin Guide on my blog naka 🙏😋❤️😁😜

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My best-loved ice cream parlour of all times. No frills, just good stuff. Their ice cream and granitas are made from Thai flavours. Why the fragrant coconut juice and coconut milk are their signatures, we also love their mango and durian flavours (no colouring, too:). Loads of topping options, but still on top of my list would be the above simple and best combination of coconut juice granita and look chid (candied palm seeds).

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