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    Sandwiches, or ‘sammiches’ as they are commonly called by teenagers, are a simple and delightful food, easily prepared by even the most challenged of cooks. There are sandwich recipes beyond simple peanut butter and jelly. Here are several of the best from term paper writing companies that specialize in food industry.

    There are sandwich recipes beyond that of simple peanut butter and jelly

    Egg salad sandwiches

    Egg salad is a pleasant picnic food. The first step in preparing egg salad is hard boiling eggs; leave eggs in boiling water for 15 minutes (making sure to put some salt in the water first!). After removing them from the water (safely), deshell the eggs and mash them until there are few or no large chunks. Mix in some mayonnaise or salad dressing (as per personal taste); one forkful per egg should suffice, and the resulting mixture should not look runny. After that, add a dash of mustard; most feel the proper amount is enough to turn the color of the mixture from a white to a yellowish, but you may want more! For a bit of crunchiness, mix up some finely chopped celery as a simple addition.

    The type of bread has a great deal of importance to the flavor; experiment with different kinds to find your favorite!

    Grilled cheese sandwiches

    Grilled cheese is easy to make but hard to master. First, butter one side of two pieces of bread, then place cheese on the unbuttered sides of the bread, with the butter facing out. The type of cheese can be simple American slices, or fancier kinds cut as thinly as possible depending on your desires. It is even possible to place several kinds of cheese within to make a great-tasting mixture! Warm a griddle or large, flat pan until it is hot (medium to high temperature), and place the sandwich in the middle. After two to four minutes, flip the sandwich over, and two to four minutes later remove it and eat! Cooking time varies from pan to pan, but if you smell a burning then you have left it on too long!

    The Earl of Sandwich could never have imagined that his off-the-cuff creation would become one of the world’s most popular foods, but who cares? As long as his legacy lives on, we will continue to have easy, delicious meals between slabs of bread.