Experience the World-class a New Year Celebration in Bangkok

Experience the word-class a new year celebration an official countdown destination of Bangkok | 31 Dec 2019 at River Park, ICONSIAM

Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020

Date : 31 Dec 2019
Time : 18.00
Floor : GF
Zone : River Park, ICONSIAM

Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020 Experience Iconic New Year Celebration with 7 acts of magnificent fireworks on the concept of “Seven Wonders of Blessings”, all illustrating the rich heritage of Thai history, the kingdom’s prosperity, the nation, religion, monarchy, and the agricultural abundance due to the expanse of water, as well as paying respect to the royal institution that has overseen the happiness of the people for a long time.

All Seven Acts have auspicious meanings, as followed:

Act 1 – The Glory: begins with golden showers of fireworks representing the glorious victory over the land and water and telling the world that this is the golden land blessed by the reigns of Thai Kings until the present time.

Act 2 – Health Giving:  wishes the King a long life. The fireworks blast up into the sky and expand like a big tree spreading out its branches. This represents the loving kindness of His Majesty the King towards Thai people.

Act 3 – Way up High: points to the moral glorification of the religion. The fireworks that light up the sky can be compared to the enlightenment that leads the way to a peaceful life.

Act 4 – Joy to the World: felicity and peace. Colorful fireworks in thin and big lines spread through the sky with joy of happiness, representing the contentment of people at leading a happy life in this peaceful land.

Act 5 – Diamond in the Sky: wealth and the national resource called Suvarnabhumi – the land of abundance. The fireworks are like diamond flashes that scatter over the sky, resembling seeds that have been spread and will soon grow.

Act6 – Lucky Star: fortune and harmony. Small and large fireworks in various colours light up the sky on the New Year’s Eve and welcome the New Year as if bringing an auspicious blessing to the Thai people as well as their everlasting happiness.

Act 7 – Power of Love: divinity to protect the country. The red fireworks represent the power of love, care, and protection that will prevent the water from allowing evil to step on land.

Mini Concert by Chilling Sunday, Ton Thanasit, Two Popetorn, B5, Nont Tanont, Jintara x Tor x Ben, Twopee Southside 18.00 hrs. onwards

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