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Top ten most wanted occupations in Thailand

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This information was published by JobsDB Thailand, one of the leading website in Asia to search for jobs. Every year, the demand in the market changes for which occupations are most wanted depending on the growth of companies and the different trends of the market.

The top 10 occupations are measured by percentage % to represent the demand of the workforce market right now in Thailand.

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No.10 and No.9 come in at 4%, No.10 goes to production work, such as factory production of all products to answer consumer demands. This includes those involved in the production process such as factory workers and staff involved in developing and designing products.

No.9 goes to transportation workers this includes company transportation workers and drivers for both the transportation of personals and the transportations of products.

No.8 and No.7 come in at 5%, No. 8 goes to the travel industry and customer service line of work, this includes hotels and restaurants.

No.7 goes to the Financial market and Bank work, relating to the demand for bank staff and those trained for the public financial field.

No. 6 and No.5 come in at 8%, No.6 goes to Public Relations and marketing, this includes the demand for personals trained in the media profession.

No.5 goes to accountants to help manage the finances of both private and public companies.

No.4 comes in at 9% and goes to administration, management, and human resources (HR), these occupations play a big part in the setup and management of any company.

No.3 comes in at 10% and goes to engineers for their specific knowledge in fulfilling professional requirement depending on the type of engineer.

No.2 comes in at 12% and is no surprise to why there is such a high demand for new incomers to this occupation of IT and E-commerce. Companies are doing more and more business via the internet each year, requiring employees to help support and manage the online transactions between the supplier to each client of the company.

No.1 comes in at 17% with common job positions that are the front row of the business in finding customers and keeping them. This is Sales, Customer Service, and Business Development.

Source: Thai Residents

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