Everything You Need to Know About Koh Klang in Krabi

Ko Klang is a flat, 26 square-kilometre-island surrounded by rivers, canals, mangrove forest and the Andaman Sea to the south. Part of the larger Khlong Prasong district, the name means “Middle Island” thanks to two wide estuaries on either side. To the east flows the Krabi River, which can be crossed by a five-minute ferry hop from Krabi town.

In Short:

A quick 10 minutes ferry from the Krabi town brings you to a serene fishing island of Koh Klang. Nature lovers enjoy the lush, scenic views which rejuvenate the mind as they take a tranquil ride on a hua tong boat or long boat which was originated here.

Best For: Nature, seafood, Mangrove forests
Cost: Ferry costs THB 20 per person
Duration of the Tour: 4 hours on the island
Top Attractions: Batik Painting, Khao Khanab Nam Cave

What’s So Awesome About It

On reaching this island, one cannot miss the sight of the local ladies harvesting the purple coloured organic rice called Sangyod. Every tourist is welcomed with a warm smile by the locals who share a living relationship with the sea.

One of the major attractions is the three hours boat ride to the mangroves and the prehistoric caves of Khao Khanab Nam, displaying magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. Ferrying through narrow channels of the swamps, scenic lovers enjoy this close encounter with wildlife and, if lucky, you can also spot the rare masked finfoot and brown-winged kingfisher. Tourists also enjoy seeing the art of batik painting, where intricate designs are printed and colours are painted onto the fabric.

After a tiring schedule, the aroma of freshly cooked seafood beckons all the visitors to the floating restaurants near Baan Kanon, on the banks of Krabi river. They offer a wide range of fresh seafood steamed, fried or grilled at a very reasonable price. To take back the memories of Koh Klang, visit a boat making workshop in Moo 2, Ban Klong Prasong and carve a hua tong boat all by yourself.

What’s The Catch

Since a majority of people follow Islam here, carrying pork in any form is strictly prohibited. Visitors are also warned not to bring any alcohol or drugs to this place. It is always better to dress up modestly and avoid any intimacy in public while touring in Koh Klang.

How To Reach There

While coming from Krabi Town, head south along the riverside promenade for a few hundred metres from Chao Fah pier to a small floating pier. Once you cross the marina in Thara Park, you can find many boats ferrying to Koh Klang throughout the day, charging THB 20 per person and an extra THB 10 if you are carrying a motorbike.

Some travellers who prefer privacy pay up to THB 50 for hiring private boats. On this car-free island, one can use local tuk-tuks and motorbikes for commuting within Koh Klang. Fitness freaks and sport bikers can also hire a private bicycle to enjoy the nature trails of Koh Klang.

Pro Tip

  • Be informed about the tidal and weather conditions in Koh Klang from the locals before planning the tour program. Best time to plan your trip is between November and February.
  • Carry sunscreen lotions, cooling glass, and hats to keep away from direct heat. Stay hydrated with lots of liquid consumption.
  • During the boat rides, a comfortable style of clothing like thin and light coloured linens with sandals are preferred over thick and long length dresses with bulky shoes.

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