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Top 5 websites to find a job in Thailand as a foreigner

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Working and living in paradise Thailand is the dream of a lot of people all around the world. When first coming for a holiday to the land of smiles it’s quite easy to immediately fall in love with the Thai natural beauty, culture, food, weather and women.

You might remember your first trip to Thailand and how you thought that this is just a completely different world compared to back home and how awesome it would be to actually settle here and find a job that pays enough for living your dream in this country.

Here are the 5 best platforms in Thailand to look for a job and find one fast.

#1 JobCute

JobCute is a completely free platform for job listings in Thailand, which also makes them one of the biggest in the Kingdom. Their large pool of jobs make it easier and faster to find any job you can think of across the country.

JobCute is a platform dedicated to jobs only in Thailand, what helps keep your search very specific. The website’s clean design make it easy and friendly to use. It’s in Thai and English languages.


#2 Indeed

Their Thai website is available in English and Thai, which make it more popular across the country. You can browse jobs by job-type, location, company or job title. With one of the biggest pool of job listing, we are sure you will find a job.

The only thing we didn’t like was the fact that you can’t use more than two filter to browse jobs (eg. Job title + location) which make the search less relevant and slower.


#4 Glassdoor

Their friendly and easy-to-use website, and the fact it is well organised, makes it easy to look for jobs. One of their best features allows you to compare salaries and know the worth of your job. The only downside is Glassdoor is a world-wide platform, which makes it less specific for a focus on the local Thai market. At the moment, you can find only 4,000 job positions in Thailand on their website.


#5 Jora

Jora has one of the largest pool of job positions with thousands of jobs all around Thailand. But that’s the only good thing we can say about them. Their old website is very unfriendly to use and to navigate. Once you choose a Thai location, the language changes to Thai without an option to select another language. You can translate the website using your browser, but that’s not always satisfactory.


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