Blogger Pim Sandra: What do you need to know before moving into Thailand

Moving into Thailand and start a new life sounds awesome but it sounds scary as well. Anyway, to help you make the right decision,  come read more details about  What do you need to know before moving into Thailand.

Thailand is a country of variety! Since we are one of the most popular travel industry, so we usually have so many people from different countries which makes this city more fun! I have seen some foreigner who comes to Thailand and have too much fun until they get broke and some makes a successful life here.

So, what do you need to know before moving into Thailand is….

Have a plan for next 6 months

Yes, Thailand is cheap but it is not so cheap anymore when you go party every night. Some people come here and get very addicted to going to the party until they have no money. So, if you have the right plan about the jobs or about money management then you will be able to explore other provinces around Thailand such as Phuket, Rayong, Huahin, etc..

Know the culture

Thailand is a culture country even though, we are now open a lot of more about dressing up. For example, If you would like to go to the temple, you need to dress more cover up to show local people that we respect our culture. To be closer to the local, if you know how to greet them saying ” Sawaddee Ka/Krub”, they will be pleased to welcoming you.

Don’t worry about the WIFI

Now, every coffee shops in Bangkok has the Wifi and we have a lot of coffee shop where you can sit down and chill for a couple of hours. Since there are so many complications in the coffee shop industry, you will also get the best coffee for less than 3$ here. Every hotel and even in the hair salon, they all have free wifi for the customers for sure so don’t worry about the Wifi.

Choose Grab bike/ Grab taxi instead

I have met so many foriegners were stuggling about the place they would like to go and sadly the taxi drivers usually don’t know the place either. Now, we have new different places and new different stores grow up everyday and it is pretty for local people to even remember the name of the place. So, calling the Grab taxi or the Grab bike, they will know exactly where you would like to go since they have the GPS in the car and to protect you from the scammers.

Condos are cheap

Everything is convenience! You can find so many cheap and looking nice condos that you would like to rent here so easily. So, if you are planned to stay 30 days or longer than 30 days, this is an option for you. What is good about renting condo is that you will get it cheap, you will get your own kitchen, pool, the gym that you can come down floor to work out. If you love street food, this place will be the closet place to eat local food.

Visa for expats

The most annoying part is the Visa. You need to check the information very well about this. If there are any problems with the Visa, it will take a very long time to get the answer here in Thailand. Anyway, to apply the Visa for Thailand now is still very simple and you can choose the different Visa here on the Immgration website.

What do you need to know before moving into Thailand ? You need to know about our weather as well. Anyway, everything here in Bangkok is very convenience and the living costs depend on how much you would like to spend. And if you like to travel, you can also go on the vacations here every weekend.

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