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Songkran Festival in Thailand

Songkran Festival, that is held from 13th to 15 in April, the hottest season in Thailand. The festival is well-known as ” Water Festival ” also and very famous and popular as well as Loy Krathong Festival.

The period of Songkran Festival is a new year in Thailand, and the day before, they say that people have a big cleaning. (When you watch TV, you’ll hear someone saying “Sawasdee pii mai” which means Happy New Year) in Thai.
Have a wild and wonderful time, and be careful if you go to this festival because it’ll be packed with local people and tourists from overseas and they try to shoot water to everyone else !

Water throwing along the western moat of Chiang Mai, ThailandWater throwing along the western moat of Chiang Mai, Thailand – Photo: wikipedia

Around this period, it will be really crowded to go to Thailand or Bangkok by air. Mostly, people go back home but a lot of people go on a trip also because of consecutive holidays.
(I hear that Songkran Festival is not only in Thailand but in Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, as well.)

In this period, not only the festival but people have some special rituals at home like below:

Bang Sakun:
Think of their ancestors or people who passed away.

Rod Nam Dam Hua:
Visit to older or respectable people and bless them with pouring sweet‐scented water on their hands.


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